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Welcome to Aishwarya MECHFO ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.
We take pleasure in introducing “Aishwarya MECHFO ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.” as a leading “Import - Export, Indenting and Sourcing Company” based in Pune, India with focus in the field of Metal and Chemical products of various types used in diversified field of application in various categories of industries.

Our company successfully helps our suppliers, to sell into India. These suppliers come from diverse parts of the world including Europe, Russia, C.I.S, Africa, Middle East, USA, Australia and all of the Far-East. We are also working with a large number of reputed Indian and overseas companies, for their various requirements. We are leading indentors for all kinds of Chemicals/Non Ferrous metals as well as Non Ferrous scraps for imports into India.
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Our Products
Sodium Dichromate
Soda Ash
Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Basic chrome Sulphate
Anti Rust Chemicals
Aluminium Scrap
Brass Scrap